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01 Apr, 2015

Hello, Tomorrow.

Why we care about tomorrow and why you should, too.


These days there always seems to be someone knocking at our doors. So we have to get up from our comfortable armchair and take a look through the peephole: This one again! Tomorrow is standing on our doormat and keeps talking about things like "social change", "digitalization" and the "information age".
Like a damn sales rep we haven't asked for …

So now we have exactly three possible ways to react, haven't we? On the one hand we could be really quiet and try to pretend we aren't at home. We could also shout through the door that right now we sadly had absolutely no time for tomorrow, but it may feel free to leave some information material. Or we could open that door and tell tomorrow to get the fuck of our property or we'll punch it in the face.

Seriously: These are the three most common reactions when people are being confronted with things that are about to change drastically: Ignorance, procrastination or defensiveness.

This is totally understandable. Fear of change is grounded in our prime instincts. And right now, we see plenty of change everywhere. The internet and the over all digitalization are transforming the ways we communicate, do business and experience the world.

But this is the reason, why we believe that there is no better time than right now to listen to tomorrow: When everything is changing and most of the people are trying their best to ignore it, then you have the great chance of standing out.

Be it in your personal life or your business decisions: When you see the possibilities where others can only see a thread, then you will be ahead of the game.

So, next time tomorrow comes knocking at your door, maybe have a cup of coffee and get to know each other a little better. You may find, that you have some interests in common!

And in the meantime you could subscribe to our newsletter where we are going to share all the great possibilities that we discover when we hang out with our old buddy tomorrow.

  • Daniel Kiendl
  • future


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