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Gauff Consultants — Corporate Identity

German Expertise since 1958

The Challenge

Represent seven companies by a single brand


Emphasize their intersection

The companies of Gauff Consultants have been working together for decades. Now we help them to really feel this affiliation and showcase it proudly to the outside.


German Expertise since 1958

In over 100 countries, the companies of Gauff Consultants stand for a high level of expertise, German efficiency and reliable partnership. More than 600 employees are part of that.

Brand Architecture

From a house of brands ...

Under the umbrella brand Gauff Consultants, there a several sub-brands: the companies and their products.
But the affiliation to the umbrella brand and the sister companies hasn't been emphasized.

... to a branded house

All companies, products and services become subsets of the primary brand, Gauff Consultants.
Each sub-brand gets changed just so much that its affiliation becomes clear, while maintaining its unique identity.


A simplistic use of forms builds on classic design

Less is more. We unified and simplified all design elements to one brand: Typography, graphical elements and the use of colors and images. Now all companies can speak the same language.


Selected photographs from over 50 years of company history

Instead of the unauthentic stock images the companies used before, we dug deep in their archives and found stunning photographies from over 50 years of company history.

Additionally we worked together with amazing photographers to portrait the companies current projects. This way we created a pool of images that express foresight, precision and experience in a natural way.



All companies appear on one website, each with its own section

All companies' websites were brought together on a single website. Now each company, business segment and service can be found on one place.
Simple dropdown menus allow the user to filter the content for single companies, business fields and countries.
Collapsible content helps to maintain the overview while still providing a lot of information and making sure the website is equally useable on all devices.


Communication like in 1958, reinvented.

In these digital times, a printed brochure must be something special for people to take it in hand.

So we designed brochures that a more than just a product catalogue: A lasting statement about the respective company, its values and its vision.

project details
  • Year

    2014 – 2016

  • Client

    Gauff Management GmbH & Co KG

  • Job

    Brand Consulting
    Brand Strategy
    Brand Architecture
    Brand Development
    Web Design & Development
    Print Design

  • Credits

    Project Lead ... Volker Tolle
    Head of Print ... Daniel Kiendl
    Head of Web ... Flo Sommer

    Head of Imagery ... Tina Gauff
    Photographer ... Felix Nürmberger
    Photographer ... David Führle