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Heimspiel — Brand Identity

heimspiel – the new home of sports by act.³ – exclusive partner of adidas group

The Challenge

give the feeling of beeing at home to a brand that sells popular sports products, by creating a unique symbol


be like a local sports club

In our increasingly globalized society, people start seeking for traditional values. So we help our client to become part of local communities by the identity of his new indie brand ›heimspiel‹.


heimspiel is the new home for sports

In our ever-more-rapidly changing world, heimspiel conveys the feeling of beeing at home, whereever you are. ›Tradition‹ and ›nature‹ meet ›team spirit‹ and ›fighting spirit‹. The brand values orient themself by the roots of it's products: Bavaria and its countryside, forests and mountains, deers and rival fights. Based on that, the brand concept leaves room for local specifics, enabling the same feeling all over the world.


heimat + sport = heimspiel

The brand‘s name ›heimspiel‹ originates from the German language – it simply means ›home match‹. Thereby it combines the brand‘s core values: home and sports. Created by our client, we took up the name with pleasure: The German wording gives the needful authenticity, the meaning makes the brand clear for everyone.


A legendary sports asthetic meets the symbol of its home

A traditional sports asthetic, like the emblems of sport clubs, conveys team spirit and a sense of home and community.


The stag is the most athletic animal in Bavarian forests. Its antlers remind of territorial fight and are a traditional symbol for victory.


Tradition meets sports and territoriality: the heimspiel logo combines pure nature and tradition with fighting and team spirit.


the integration by our client

The brand‘s personality follows through all implementations of ›heimspiel‹ – from the wooden store interior to the products itself.


a warm feeling appeals to a global sense of home

A heimspiel store is the quarter of every sportsman. Natural interior, welcoming shopmen and kicker tables turn the store into the place to be. Products with tradition, a personal service and local events outclass every online store. The first store is located in a small village in Bavaria. Further Stores may come up in totally different areas where the concept will follow specific local traditions.


a cozy athmosphere makes heimspiel a venue for resident sports groups

Where do sportsmen go rather than to their club-house? So every heimspiel store is next to a heimspiel club-house. When the club-house becomes a venue for resident sports groups, the store does it, too. Regional food and drink is served in a rustic and cozy athmosphere: old wood tables and chairs, walls covered with deer antlers and sport cups, dimmed light and country style pillows let you recover from your sport activities.


local sports events engage the community

Building up a community, heimspiel also organizes local sport events. Wheather on the sports field in front of the store or in the mountains nearby: heimspiel engages its regional sports community, no matter if they are professionals or not. By regularly staging events, heimspiel is to become an integral part of its community‘s life. It takes up the regional tradition, until it becomes a tradition itself. Maintaining the relationship very intense, it will become as close to you as your local sports club.

project details
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  • Job

    Logo Concept & Design

  • Credits

    Project Lead … Tina Gauff
    Creative Direction … Volker Tolle

    Concept & Strategy … Daniel Kiendl
    Art Direction … Florian Sommer