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The Future Chronicles — Digital Magazine

A magazine for the 21st century

The Challenge

How to maintain the overview in times of information overflow?


Create a new kind of publication!

As much as we love all the old print media: It surely has some restrictions in its ability to convey information to a global audience.
And as accessible as a simple website is, it‘s not really the best medium to create a sustainible publishing buisiness, if you don‘t want to cover your message with advertisement banners.
But there are these shiny new mobile devices that bring new possibilitys for a creative publishing business. A whole new economy has formed around tablets and smartphones that allowes everybody to sell digital goods to a global audience. And they also come with new interesting ways to build interactivity into what would in former times have been a static publication.


The Future Chronicles is a magazine, made for the digital age.

The future is such a relevant part in all our lives. The more we know about the directions that major parts of our lives are going, the better we can decide where to go in our personal lives. That's why we decided to create a new future magazine: Something that should be entertaining, educating and most of all it should be highly inspiring. Traveling into the future with this magazine should open the readers eyes for all the wondrous things glimmering right behind the horizon. And then, of course, time-traveling is just a buttload of fun!

Every issue of The Future Chronicles traveles through the history and a possible future of a single topic that we consider relevant for the big changes our society is currently facing.
Every article is about a milestone in the history of that specific topic and is told from the perspective of that time.
Interactive features and animations enrich a spectacular journey through time and space.


The first magazine that literally travels through time.

We are living in times of rapid social change and the major driving force behind all of that clearly is the internet. The internet is such a young medium but nevertheless it is currently disrupting one industry after another. That's something we all got to deal with, if we don't want to get left behind. That's why setting the topic for our first issue was a no-brainer for us: Our first journey should take us into the future of the internet! Traveling through twenty articles from 1962 to 2096, the reader will experience the incredible transformation from a technophobe to a virtual society. Technology is shrinking, until it vanishes in the human body. Mankind overcomes natural selection by evolving into machines, until our whole world finally gets replaced by virtual reality.


A sophisticated design
A inspiring journey through time
A deeper look at the history of the internet
A lot of upcomming developements
Every article is illustrated by another amazing artist
A ton of fun!


So we got a great Product ... But how to find our audience?


We made a big effort in finding and connecting with the people that rally do care for the things we are talking about: Technology, science, journalism, science-fiction, future trends and overall forward thinking.


Then we developed a unique concept of providing interesting content that is tailored to the people we wanted to reach and that was very close to the overall concept of the magazine.


Since than we did try to stay in contact with our followers and be a unique voice in the ongoing conversation about the topics we consider relevant for the magazine.

WOW, awesome concept! Can‘t wait to see the first issue!

Andrea Wist
project details
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  • Client

    The Future Chronicles

  • Job

    PR & Social Media

  • Credits

    Editor & Designer … Volker Tolle
    Art Director & Author … Daniel Kiendl
    Photography … Tina Gauff
    Film & Animation … Flo Sommer
    Illustration … Christian Buchner
    Illustration … Carolin Eitel
    Illustration … Indre Bergner
    Illustration … Moritz Wienert
    Illustration … Reinhard Thomas
    Illustration … Simone Karl
    Illustration … Kristina Wedel
    Illustration … Viktoria Cichon
    Illustration … Lena Kunstmann
    Illustration … Johannes Stahl